JakeJake was a rented Pit Pony. He was owned by a company who had lots of Pit Ponies working in small private mines in the Welsh coalfields. For £25 per week he would come to work in your coal mine! No rules, no instruction book, just pay up on time or we will send the lads round. He last worked at a colliery up in the forestry overlooking Glyneath. However the price of coal was in decline and he was sold as a nice quiet riding pony. He was found eventually working in a Trekking Centre where he was proving unsuitable as he would not canter and was not keen to trot.

They thought him lazy and wanted him gone. However Pit Ponies soon learn that to trot, canter or gallopin the colliery is almost certain injury or death. Jake worked with Pit Pony Dick at the colliery hauling coal from deep underground through the maze of tunnels to the surface.

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